Free Directory Listings

Free Priority Listing on Scoot - worth £199 - and more than 100 other directories


   Appear at the top of listings for your business type and local area

    Easily add video, images, testimonials and maps

   Listed on three other national directories and 109 local ones

   Get the attention of customers who are looking for a local service exactly like yours

Value of this benefit

A premium listing on Scoot usually costs £199 for a year but is included free of chargens, could be thousands

The value of being more visible online? What’s just one customer, who wouldn’t otherwise have found you, worth?

Listing your company on an online directory is one of the most efficient and effective ways to promote your business. Online directories are a great place for a business to start marketing themselves, especially so for small businesses that do not have an extended budget. An online business directory can be accessed by nearly anyone, anywhere; from home, work, school or even via a smartphone or mobile device. According to Yahoo, over 92% of businesses and consumers use online search directories when researching products or services.

Getting your business listed on an online directory will help you rank higher on search results, which means more traffic and more customers. Online business directories continue to be one of the main channels for customers to search for local products and services.

Scoot is one of the UK’s most trusted and most popular online business directories, serving over 4 million unique users and 7 million searches per month.

Adding your free Priority listing will enable millions of potential customers to find your products and services. Priority listings receive five times more response than standard listings, allow you to provide much more information (including photos, weblinks, testimonials and special offers) and easily let you keep all your details up to date online.

But that’s not all - through one simple web form, your details will also be added to three national directories (The Sun, The Independent and Touch Local) and the 100+ local directories in the Touch Local network.

Having consistent listings across multiple sites provides a great boost to your local search ranking, making this is a brilliant step to boosting your visibility online.

And if you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your listings, then friendly consultants are on hand whenever you need them to help you make the most of the opportunity.

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